Dealing With Adversity

I have been dealing (and not too well, I think) with adversity on my job and with friends who have had personal issues.

On my job, I have requested a transfer into a different position which I have a decent shot at obtaining. However, my schedule in my current position is more horrible than it has been since I started. I am required to work Sundays 3-11 every week of this month. Add to that I have to work 11-7 Saturday twice this month and you will understand why I am struggling with this happenstance. My schedule has been the worst of the 3 full-timers at my position since I started where I work back in April. Trying not to become bitter about it is difficult, trying to stand up for myself without compromising humility is also a stretch. I have several options, but prayer is my first concern. I need God's direction.

On another topic, I have a sister who has cancer. She is 29. She has been told that she has only a few months left to live. She is a strong and faithful Christian, and it is difficult to know how to feel. I want to demand of God, "Why?!" But I know He is faithful and loves her more than I could ever hope to.

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