WorldNetDaily: 'Philly 5' win 1 in court

Finally a win for the Christians in Philadelphia! The five Christians who were arrested after harassment by the "Pink Angels" and the Philly cops WorldNetDaily: 'Philly 5' win 1 in court have won a case in front of a judge who isn't a homosexual activist, I guess. Judge Pamela Dembe viewed the video and decided that to restrict the Christians from being within 100 feet from any homosexual gathering was an infringement on First Amendment rights.

Praise God! And thank you to Michael Gallaugher (the Christian Conservative) for the heads up on this story.

I As I told Michael when he emailed me about this- "My concern is that even when- and I believe it will- this case is dropped against all five, these things will continue to take place until the tide of evil turns and Christians begin to be imprisoned for our faith. The evil of the secularist religion is overtaking our land." My hope is that I am wrong.

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