Reflection: What Has Shaped My Understanding of God

For my Intro to Theology class I have been assigned ten one page written assignments. I will post my work once I complete each paper. Today's paper is in response to a question about influences on my understanding of God. The text for the class is Essentials of Evangelical Theology written by Donald G. Bloesch. So far, I am not a fan of his ideas. My papers will probably reflect that as time goes by.

Reflection Paper:

Introduction to Theology, Dr. Pierce

What Has Shaped My Understanding of God”

Bloesch demonstrates a great deal of sources that have impacted his “Evangelical” beliefs. My greatest influences have been my spiritual father, Don Walton, Pastor Tom Ascol, Jonathan Edwards, D. James Kennedy, James White and my sister Diane.

The Reformed brand of Baptist theology taught by Pastor Don Walton (Time For Truth Ministries), Pastor Tom Ascol (Founders Ministries) and Dr. James White (of Alpha and Omega ministries) has had a profound effect on my understanding of God. It has gone from an Arminian “me-focused” mind-set, to an understanding and acceptance of God's sovereignty.

Jonathan Edwards and Dr. D. James Kennedy brought forth excellent insights and sermons that have shown me the great skill and work that should be put into preaching God's Word. He deserves the best effort it is possible to muster.

My sister Diane would put “feet to her faith.” She demonstrated that in life and death. When we were at Southeastern University in Lakeland, she was very involved in ministry. She went into the inner-cities. Diane ministered at Guavaween and Fantasy Fest. God worked through her because of her faithfulness. When she was dying of cancer she delayed treatment in order to give birth to my niece despite the doctors' concern. She lived the pro-life message. She died at 29 when my niece was 2½ years old. She showed me God's ability to work through people in life and to give grace and peace in death.

These are the ones who have had some of the greatest influence on my life and understanding of God.

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