Jonah Series (pt.2): "The Repentant Prophet"

This is part two of the Jonah Series. It covers all of Jonah chapter two. I was recovering from being sick, but God was gracious and allowed me to have voice and strength enough to deliver His message. It was about 40 degrees (F) during the service and we have no heat at the ministry. It was a joy to have the opportunity to preach none-the-less.

If anyone would be interested in joining us in prayer for specific needs we collect during the service, please email me or let me know of interest in the "Comments" section. Thank you and God bless you!

Jonah Series (pt. 2): “The Rebellious Prophet”

Jonah Stayed (v.1)
  • Three days could be partial, Jews counted partial as whole day

  • Even Jonah's rebellion and dilemma God had His purpose

  • Sign of Jonah a for foreshadowing of Jesus burial and resurrection

Jonah Prayed (v.2-9)
  • The testimony (v.2-7)

    1. saved from the sea and certain death

    2. see a confidence he had in God that he will be safe

    3. actively praying through the ordeal

  • The thanksgiving (v.8-9)

    1. prayer turns to thanksgiving

    2. looks to the future when he will continue to serve God

    3. declares that “Salvation belongs to the Lord”- it is a gift of God's grace

Jonah's Replay (v.10)

  • He has a “do-over”- a second chance to follow God's direction

  • Vomit is a sign of disgust: God may well been unhappy with his prejudice even now

  • Picture of Christ differs from this point Jonah was prejudice, Jesus died for all who would receive despite their race

Closing: During Jonah's 3 days he was a good example of faith in God and actively praying through adverse situations. However, his attitude was still not right toward the Ninevites as we will see in the future.

Jonah's three days is a foreshadowing of the three days between Jesus' burial and resurrection.

We can learn, like Jonah, to pray and trust God during difficult times. We can also learn to put away prejudice and seek to share the Gospel to everyone- in love- no matter the differences.

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