Rome and the Pope- lies and false glories

give meeee all the glory... yes! yes! my minions!!!!
The authority of the papacy in Rome (well, vatican city) is antiChrist.  There is no line of succession stemming from Peter.  The romanist house of harlotry has drawn up a few lists of supposed popes linking them to Peter, but they are as bogus as the spiritual authority help by the romanist organization (false church).

Popes have contradicted each other, been openly hedonistic, been warlike, corrupt and devious.  In fact there were times where more than one man claimed to be the rightful pope.  The logic in believing the romish papacy is warped to say the least.

The pope claims to be the head of the church when Biblically Christ is the head of the Church.  He seeks to be Christ's substitute on Earth, but that position is not open and is called "antiChrist"- not just against, but also meaning "in the place of".  A person who claims to be "in the place of" Christ is by definition antiChrist.

According to the vatican, the roman 'church', I would be anathema (accursed) for my Biblical stand against the papacy and the romanist whore.  However, I am not interested in the decrees by a damnable institution that leads many to hell with its superstitions and demonic wisdom.

The romish harlot calls itself the roman catholic church, however, though it may be roman, it is not catholic (meaning universal) nor the church (which is the body of Christ that has Christ, not a pope) as its head.  The true universal (or invisible) church includes believers who hold to the Bible, not human 'church' tradition, and does include some who call themselves roman catholics that have received Christ's salvation in spite of the romish 'church'.  The true Church includes believers from many Christian denominations (Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Anglicans, etc.) holding to the salvation found in Christ's finished work on the cross as payment for our sin, not a false church's works-based path to a potential, but not secure, salvation.

This romish harlot deserves not glory, but distain. The blood of billions and billions of lost souls stain the heart of the romanist 'church'.

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