Dark Days for the u.s.a. (21st Century Nazi Rise)


Something ominous is coming. And the press seems totally clueless.
They won't even question why...
- billions of bullets have been purchased for homeland "security"
- drones are being prepared for use against civilians
- thousands of armored vehicles are procured for DHS
- spy cameras are everywhere
- security checkpoints are at every airport and have been used at places like bus stations and train stations
- laws are being (have been) drawn up targeting US citizens for assassination and detention without charges/due process
- the government is attempting to disarm the citizens
The press cannot connect the dots, or even question why.
I bet they already know.  The media is the propaganda wing of the corrupt US government. Are we ready to be sent to concentration camps or be executed in the streets? That is the direction we are headed.  Look at the history of  Nazi Germany and its parallels.

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