Magazine Insert Irks Left and Pink Triangle Crowd

From an Agape Press article:
A church in Virginia recently released a paid magazine insert into The Washington Times and The Washington Post to tell people the truth about homosexuality.

BothSides Magazine is an outreach effort of Grace Christian Church of Woodbridge, Virginia. When the BothSides insert was placed in the November 19 issue of The Post, homosexual groups protested, saying the insertion amounted to the newspaper's endorsement. The newspaper disagrees, saying BothSides was a paid advertisement.

BothSides is dedicated to debunking the claim that homosexuality deserves civil rights status. The pastor, Derek Grier, is black and finds in unacceptable to compare the behavior of homosexuality with being black racially. I agree totally. I applaud the pastor and his church (Grace Christian Church of Woodbridge, Virginia) in their effort to bring the truth to the masses.

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