May 28, 2018

Before you jump on the golden knights' bandwagon...

Although I have made it a practice to not focus on sports with this blog, today I will address something related to professional hockey in North America.

With the Stanley Cup final around the corner, many are painting Las Vegas as a story worthy of Disney. However, this is not a legitimate Cinderella Story.  As highlighted in the articles below, this was a set up from the beginning- even before the draft.

1. The story linked below details how the Vegas draft was a very sweet deal- like none seen previously. It predates the 2017-2018 NHL season:

NHL expansion draft working in Vegas team's favor

2. The following article addresses Vegas toward the end, beginning as follows:
But hasn’t every team underachieved this season? Isn’t every team mediocre compared to the Vegas Golden Knights, a Frankenstein team that you created out of your own Sin City fantasy...
Woe to you, NHL

3. Finally, the N.Y. Post had an article that addressed the Vegas saga back in December 2016.  The first part of the article calls out the ridiculous nature of a 'stacked deck' for the Golden Knights.  the following is a quote from the article:

Will the Vegas Golden Knights be the best expansion team in history? If that comes to fruition in the 2017-18 season, the reasons will be: 1) Because owner Bill Foley has paid for it in full by pushing the new arena in Vegas and then plopping down half a billion dollars for the league fee; 2) Because the league, led by commissioner Gary Bettman, wants it to work more than any other expansion in history.

NHL is stacking deck for Vegas expansion team to be great

Reasons this was a disgraceful move by the National Hockey League:

1. It undermines the integrity of the league by promoting favoritism

2. The players obtained by Vegas were as close to an all-star team as you can create without being blatant.

3.The future will tell: if the league does not continue to favor Vegas every year they will eventually come down to Earth.  Will the fans stick?  Will this be professional hockey's version of the tortoise and the hare as far as success goes?

4. It devalues all the hard work legitimate Stanley Cup contenders and champions put in over the years to earn their way deep into the playoffs.

Did the players and coaches of the Golden Knights put together a stellar season? Yes. Was a trip to the Stanley Cup finals guaranteed? No.  Was the head start given to the Vegas team more than the N.H.L. envisioned? Possibly. They may have just wanted Vegas to be respectable.  However, in so doing they showed disrespect to the other teams as well as the fans of every team but Las Vegas.

I wonder if this was a "too important to fail" moment for the NHL (Vegas is not too important to fail- it is one city out of many, though the gambling money is plentiful there), or was it bribery (basically the cut of the $500,000,000 each team would receive)?

Hopefully history will tell.  For now, I will pull for history to soon record the defeat of the NHL's precious stacked Frankenstein team.

May 11, 2018

Prophecies: YHWH = Jesus

Many prophecies about YHWH in the OT are directly fulfilled in the NT in the person of Jesus (cf. Isaiah 45:21-23 = Philippians 2:10 and Romans 14:11; Isaiah 44:6 = Revelation 1:17; Joel 2:32 = Romans 10:9-13; Isaiah 40:3 = Matt 3:3, Mark 1:3, Luke 3:4, John 1:23; Deut 10:17 = Rev. 19:16, 17:14, 1 Tim 6:15; Jeremiah 23:1-5 = Matt 2;2, Luke 1:32, John 1:49; Isaiah 6:5 = John 12:41; Ezekiel 34:11-24, Isaiah 40:9, Psalm 23 = John 10:11-15; Psalm 8:2 = Matt 21:16; Psalm 102:25f = Hebrews 1:10). -Dr. Matthew Everhard (follow: @matt_everhard on Twitter)

From May 1st...

May 3, 2018

i have been crucified with Christ. i am faulty, He is faultless. i am sinful, He is my righteousness. my sin costs more than i can repay, He paid the price for my sin and bought my salvation.

Jan 20, 2018

God taking His servant's side...

Reading 2 Samuel 22, coming upon verses 10 through 20, I see how David describes the Lord taking up his cause. My attention was captivated by the words of the tenth verse, "He bent the heavens and came down, total darkness beneath his feet." (2 Samuel 22:10 CSB)

Surely it shows that for one of His own, God can, and may well, bend the heavens and unleash His power on their behalf. God is in control and all-powerful.

(While it is true that He does not show favorites, He does still favor His children. That is not a contradiction, by the way. It means He does not show favorites among His children.)

The fury of God in the defense of His people is mighty. In some ways it is held back until the last days, but at times it is on full display. Like when Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea and crushed the Egyptian army under the same waters He held back from Israel.

Just some thoughts as I was reading. Figure I'd share.

pursue peace...

Jan 13, 2018

One of Us: incarnation

One of Us

So many struggle with the Triune Nature of God, and specifically the fact that Jesus was God the Son walking the earth in human flesh.

Joan Osborne sang a song that hit close to the mark while still missing.  She asks about what it would be like if God was one of us. Well, He did become one of us. He walked and talked. He had relationships with family and friends. He faces adversity. He lived perfectly, sinlessly.

God, in Jesus, was fully human without sacrificing the fullness of His being God. Yes, He chose to be limited while in the flesh, but never ceased being fully God while being fully human.