About Terri Schindler-schiavo

I was just here debating my friend about Terri Schindler-schiavo. It makes me realize a few things: #1. there is a lot of disinformation and lack of information surrounding mainstream reporting of this woman's fight for life, #2. that some Christians can be blind to what the Bible teaches and #3. that some Christians can rationalize beyond may farthest expectations.

I think of Terri now, a woman with severe issues, but a woman who is fighting to survive. A woman who is being deprived of food while the judge who sentenced her to death by starvation can enjoy his 5 course dinner and her ex-husband can enjoy the food prepared by his live-in girlfriend.

I wish there was someone who had the power to throw caution to the wind and rescue her. I hear that the police are setting up road blocks in order to prevent the Florida Department of Children and Families from taking her into protective custody. I will pray that she is rescued again and that the tide turns in her favor. I will also pray that she makes a better recoveryn than is expected. I will seek after God's sovereign will in her life.

I will also try my hardest to not harbor hatred for Michael Schiavo or Judge Greer over this. They will face a reward for their sin in this matter and should be looked upon in pity. May God bring them to repentance and the salvation of their souls. My prayer is also that He has done that for Terri.

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