Bible Versions (Part Two)

An Endorsement of the English Standard Bible

I was reading John Piper's site and found an interesting quote on Bible versions:
I would rather have people read any translation of the Bible—no matter how weak—than to read no translation of the Bible. If there could be only one translation in English, I would rather it be my least favorite than that there be none. God uses every version to bless people and save people.
John Piper recommends the ESV.

Through this article John Piper recommended the new English Standard Version for NIV-type readability with NASB-type word for word translation that is light on interpretation. I have been looking at the ESV and agree. It is a bit easier to read than the NASB and it more faithful to the manuscripts than is the NIV.

Being non-KJV-Only, I still find the KJV useful. I do not discount it at all. However, I choose the NASB or the ESV. And I agree with John Piper on his above quote.

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