World Calls Israel to Restraint

Israel has been attacked from Gaza since the "truce" ended recently, but the FACT is that rockets have been coming from the Hamas-controlled areas even during the "truce."

I believe that Israel will never have peace with the so-called "Palestinians" until the "Palestinians" stop attacking Israel. For that to happen may require many lifeless Palestinian bodies. Unfortunately, the mindset of Israel's enemies make any other way to peace unlikely.

Islam is overwhelming the area with hatred and unforgiveness- only the Gospel can chane the hearts to change the area.

That aside, the hypocracy of the UN and much of the world is plain to see. Israel finally moves to deal with the multiple attacks and they meet with condemnation. When attacked-by bombers or rockets- there is no cry by the UN, etc. for the terrorists to stop or for Hamas to make them stop. It is always a call for Israel to show restraint.

I guess Israel is tired of holding back after endless attacks. My prayer is for born-again Christians in "Palestine" to demonstrate their faith and lead many to the true peace found in Christ. It is the only way to avoid more "Palestinian" deaths.


Paul G said...

First time Comment;
Bregator; I like your post, well said!


pregador27 said...

Thank you Paul. There does seem to be a major (antisemetic?) double standard when dealing with Israel and her neighbors.