Return to Emmanuel Ministries

I have been asked to return to Emmanuel Ministries to preach to the English-speaking people there. Emmanuel Ministries is a non-denominational ministry that provides food and other items for needy families.

The director, Márcia, is a wonderful person. She and her husband are close friends of ours. Her ministry has had to overcome many hurdles, but still exists after over ten years of service.

Márcia funds a lot of the work herself. The donations she receives help, but she is the driving force behind the ministry (empowered by God, of course). We have helped in the past: preaching, cleaning, giving clothes, collecting food... The work is not easy, and for every thankful person it seems there is another who feels entitled or seeks to make trouble.

In the past I stepped aside to prevent issues in leadership. I was asked back once the Lord worked the situation out. Now Márcia is asking me to help again. We have already started to help in other areas; preaching will be my honor.

Do not get me wrong- the crowds will not be big on Sundays (most likely). There is no A/C to guard from the Summer heat. In many ways it will be like ministry in Brasil. The messages will be evangelistic and simple. I will seek to brush up on my apologetics, as many cultists have tried to infiltrate over the years. I had the opportunity to help counter some of them. This ministry can be rough and requires some out-of-the-box thinking at times. Logistics can be problematic. Manipulators and "pot-stirrers" abound. No worries; God equips whom He calls.

The ministry is in Dade City, FL- about 45 minutes from home. Antioch Fellowship is about 10 minutes from home. Travel time will be different. However, if the Lord sees fit to have us minister at Emmanuel Ministries, we will do so in all joy. His will be done.

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