Emmanuel Ministries Notes 6/14/09

We arrived about two minutes early because we stopped at WalMart for a bathroom break before going to the ministry. Keep in mind, things like this have to be planned, as there is no bathroom at the ministry. The key to this ministry is flexibility.

When we arrived on site, the doors were still locked as the people who have keys had not yet arrived. I have not yet been issued a key to the building. At about eight minutes after, I was about to being the service outdoors. However, the people with keys showed up just at that time.

The service began shortly thereafter. We prayed, read Ephesians 4 and had a Capella worship.

Finally, my wife brought the Spanish speaking people into the second room for their message and I began the message in English. I think the message went very well. It was not difficult to stick with the text and I feel like the Lord led me into a heightened understanding of His Word- things I had meditated on and studied became clearer as I was preaching. It was an exciting experience for me and I noticed that our dear friend Alice (who has been improving in health) stayed awake and alert despite working the night-shift before coming to the ministry for her fellowship and worship time. That was a good sign.

The turn-out was larger than normal despite some regular attenders being absent. In a way that is good, but I think it would be better for the people to join fellowship in a local church for the full benefit of being in the body of Christ. However, these are people who need the Word of God- for salvation or to grow in their faith. Some of them would probably find it hard to be accepted in many local churches- this is also a sad fact. That rejection makes them wary of attending any local church- though there are a number of good churches in the Dade City area.

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