Our Mission Trip...

These are the places we traveled during our recent trip to Brazil.
1= Manaquiri (Pastor Fernando's house)
2= Lago do Limão (no pastor at this church for over year)
3= Andiroba (no pastor; town named after an oil prevalent there with many healing qualities- used it on our baby's diaper rash and it helped better than the regular medicine)
4= Lago do Italiano (a "Regular Baptist Church" as opposed to Brazilian Baptist Convention)
5= Caapiranga (the pastor here has practically nothing; a very difficult place to find and leave!)
We stayed in Manaus, São Jorge to be specific. I think it is somewhere in the zone marked "15" on this picture.

God did a lot of great things, it was very hard- but worth it. I think this was a test to challenge if we really are willing to go. I still am. May I serve faithfully God where He wants me until the day He calls me home. (It is not something I claim to have attained, but strive to attain every day as I war with my flesh and seek to please Him)

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