Jul 29, 2005

Back- With A Mission Report

It was a long, mostly-hot, sticky, mosquito-bitten, fruitful, adventureous, exciting, packed-full trip. I became sick about halfway through the final week and made it worse by playing soccer in searing heat and sun. I typed a report on the Faith Missions' News page, and I am copying the most recent entry here because it gives some details about the trip. I am now recovering and had to be sent home from work today with a 101 degree fever.

From the FMI Page:
July 29, 2005: Following is from Pete's Team One travel log:

  • July 11- Arrived at São Paulo airport at 6am. After the long flight there was an hour and a half delay before our next airplane to Manaus via Brasilía. On the flight we met a group from Christian Missions Unlimited traveling to Santarém. They were from Lakeland and worship at First Baptist Church at the Mall. We arrived late to Manaus, but once there went directly to Pastor Claudío's house where we would be staying. I was able to see my sister-in-law Ana and then went to play soccer for 2 1/2 hours with guys from the area churches. I scored two goals- not bad for out of shape and non-native!
  • July 12-We left Pastor Claudío's house to take a boat almost three hours to Manaquri where we stayed at Pastor Franscisco's house. That night Bobby did a devotion.
  • July 13- We went to visit families that day and to evangelize as well as invite to the service at the church that night.
    I peached on Romans 6.23, "Death and Life."
  • July 14- We left Manaquri to travel to Lago do Limão (a few hours away). Some of the team went on visitation to evangelize and invite people to the services.The church has only two families at this time and church has not had a pastor in over a year. It is currently served by an evangelist named Eule. There was a good turnout that night and Bobby preached.
  • July 15- After a short storm delay of 30 to 45 minutes we left Lago do Limão for Andiroba, which was closer to Manaquri and a few hours trip by boat. We went on visitation for evangelism and to invite people to the evening service. I found it difficult to find a place to study and get alone with God. Finally, I went to the church to complete my studies and I found the roof of the boat peaceful and a good place to comune with God that night. I preached that night on "The Harvest," Matthew 9.35-38.
  • July 16- During the night we traveled to Manaquri to dock. The morning took us on a trip to Lago do Italiano. Unfortunately, the boat broke down on the way and we were stranded until we could be assisted by the pastor of the church at Lago do Italiano. When we arrived, we left for more visitation and evangelism, inviting people to the meetings going on at this church. I was called up (as a total surprise to me) to give a word to the church. I based it upon Mt. 9.35-38. Unfortunately, the preacher that followed was a screamer and a manipulator. He called people up- one gentleman because the Lord supposedly told him the man was contemplating suicide and a young girl from our group (Marcia whom I nicknamed "Formiga" which means ant, but sounds like "amiga" or friend)- and tried to get them to fall. I prayed that Formiga would not be harmed spiritually by this wolf. Afterward, we found that the man who was supposed to be suicidal was not suicidal at all. False prophets and false teachers abide in the jungles of Brazil also.
  • July 17- Second Day at Lago do Italiano.Pastor Claudío preached about security of salvation and sharing faith during the Sunday School time (about 2 hours). We went to visit during the day and we were at the service during the night. I was again asked to give a word, and I was able to give Philippians 1.3-6 after I was able to see that the night service was not how the church does things.
  • July 18- We left Lago do Italiano. Bobby was sick and would have to return to Manaus. We were at Manaus for a good portion of the day. We then began our trip to Caapiranga. We docked in Manacapuru for the night. It was very loud at first, but quieted as it grew later.
  • July 19- We left Manacapuru in the morning and finally arrived in Caapiranga at almost two o'clock. The captain of the boat did not know how to get there, so it was a long hide-and-seek trip. I preached that night in the church after the service was promoted during the rest of the day. We toured the pastor's house and saw that he had no bed, no stove, no refrigerator and no fans until we arrived. Igreja Batista Ebenezer (Ebenezer Baptist Church) and the Igreja Baptista of Manaquiri (Manaquiri Baptist Church) provided the fans. We then began to travel back to Manaus after the service at night.
  • July 20- In traveling back to Manaus we encountered some very rough weather. We arrived in Manaus aduring the late afternoon and rested at Pastor Claudío's house. Bobby preaches at Igreja Batista Ebenezer.
  • July 21- Pastor's house was filled to surprise me with a birthday party. Many from his church came, as did some who went on the trip with us. I thought it was a normal prayer meeting- they got me!
  • July 22- Virgínia and I are getting sick. We take her to the mall for her birthday and she gets her finger smashed on a pinball machine, she recovers quickly. We return home to relax.
  • July 23- I am sick and go with the group for an outting with a pool, soccer and volleyball. I play soccer and in about 2 1/2 hours actually score 5 goals. That was actually in the second half of playing, as I was pathetic in the first. I returned home exhausted and feeling worse.
  • July 24- I was totally sick and unable to move. I was unable to preach at night. Bobby preached during Sunday School and the evening service.
  • July 25-26- I had to travel while still feeling sick. I arrived at home Monday afternoon about 3pm and tried to relax. The trip was over. Aside from getting sick, it was great. It was fruitful. I cannot wait to return (and feel better!) --Rev. Pete
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