Calvin Was Right. So Was Luther.

Why There Cannot be Communion Between Christians and Romanism

Neither Calvin nor Luther had a love for the corruption the lies within Rome. History continues on. One major issue that spurred the Reformation was the sale of indulgences. It is basically a money-making scheme from the darkest recesses of hell. Mr. Ratzinger (a.k.a. pope Benedict Arnold???) is bringing the practice back into the mainstream. See this article from the London Telegraph: Trips to Lourdes to cut time spent in purgatory.

Romanist priests sell the ability to get out of purgatory (an non-Scriptural place) if you pay them off now. It is part of why Romanism has such big cathedrals and the Vatican (the Unholy See) are so lavish in their designs. They had the gold from the peasants' pockets.

Rome makes Benny Hinn, Joyce Myers, Kenny Copeland, et al look honest. The lack of integrity of the modern day Pharisees (Romanism) almost make the Prosperity Pimps (see those referenced in the last sentence) like bastions of virtue.

Mr. Ratzinger needs to repent. He wants to bilk millions out of their hard-earned money for nothing in return but empty promises.

This is why witnessing the Gospel to Romanists is vitally important. We (Biblical Christians) cannot agree to "live in harmony" with Romanists. They are in need of the true Gospel of Christ. The one found in the Bible (66 book version), not in the Roman Catechism.

If you are a Romanist (a.k.a. Roman Catholic) and you are reading this, see the outline below and use it as a beginning point for seeking God unto salvation. Only remember- it is not about saying the right words, or having a magic formula. It is all about repenting and trusting in Christ for your salvation- by His grace and not our works (Ephesians 2.8-9).

the WAY...

once upon a time you sinned. for this sin you are separated from GOD . you cannot repair the gap sin has put between you and GOD . only JESUS CHRIST can bridge that gap. when JESUS becomes your SAVIOR your relationship with GOD is restored to what it was meant to be.

sin has an effect...

* romans 3:23, all have sinned.
* romans 6:23a, sin's price is death.
* revelation 20:15, that death is eternity in hell.

our efforts are futile...

* proverbs 14:12/ 16:25, there is a way that seems right to a man but leads to death.
* jeremiah 17:9, the heart is deceitful above all things.
* isaiah 64:6, our good works are worthless.

JESUS bridged the gap...

* romans 5:8, while we were sinners, CHRIST died for us.
* john 14:6, JESUS is the only WAY to salvation.
* romans 6:23b, the gift of GOD is eternal life through JESUS.
* romans 10:9-13, admit sin, repent, confess JESUS as LORD, and believe with faith in CHRIST alone for your salvation.

salvation restores you and GOD...

* john 1:12-13, believers made GOD's children through CHRIST's sacrifice.
* jonh 8:36, set free by JESUS CHRIST.
* ephesians 1:13-14, sealed by the HOLY SPIRIT guaranteeing our inheritance as GOD's possession.
* jude 24, JESUS will present believers before GOD's (FATHER, SON, & HOLY SPIRIT) presence, spotless through HIS righteousness and by HIS grace.


TheDen said...

I read this and don't have any conflict as a Catholic to these Bible phrases.

Why do you have such a hatred for Catholicism?

pregador27 said...

I hate the false religion that draws people away from the Truth that is found in Christ. That Truth is found in the Bible.

The fear of the LORD is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate. (Proverbs 8.13 ESV)

Rome was built on pride, arrogance and the perversion of the Bible in its anti-Christ speech.

That being said, I do not hate Catholics. On the contrary. My heart grieves for those who devote themselves to Rome and reject Christ. I do appreciate you not accusing me of hating "Catholics."

I have addressed Romanism in the past, and you can find the subject articulated much better on Rand's blog: A Form of Sound Words.

Rand said...

LOL... Don't worry brother Pete, Dennis knows all about me, and my positions. Sadly, he has chosen to cling to Romanism more tightly with every Biblical teaching I gave him.

The Lord be merciful to him, as He has been to us.

Take care,

pregador27 said...

Theden, your comment was rejected. I will not allow your condescending attitude. You are puffed up with pride in a system that leads to a false christ. And since you did not even allow one of my comments on your blog, you need not complain that I refused one of your comments on my blog.

Andrew said...

I just gave a short biography of John Knox to my Sunday School kids. You should have seen their eyes get big when I told them that Knox referred to the Roman church as "the synagogue of Satan."

pregador27 said...

It is amazing at how far the Church has changed. Now all sorts of celebrity "Christian leaders" want to undo the Reformation and forget the sins of Rome. Andrew, I know you see the effects of Romanism in Brazil. The superstition and the abuses of power by the Roman "priests." It is much more polished here in the US (as you also know).