Nov 29, 2007

Remembering Diane 11.29.2007

It was in the early afternoon on November 29, 2004 that my dear sister went to be with Jesus.

I sometimes feel deserted. I miss her and regret every moment I could have spent with her and did not. I desperately wish to have another conversation with her.

There are still times when I will think of something in the past- especially from our college days- and not quite remember exactly how things happened. Then I will think, "I will just call Diane and..."- that is about when I remember that she is no longer a phone call away.

I pride myself on not crying. However, I cannot hold back when I begin to speak of my dear sister. She was married with two beautiful children. Her husband, Rob, is now like a brother to me. He is remarried to a wonderful woman, Kristine. She treats the children like they were her own while respecting the memory of Diane. Kristine is quite a woman. I have the utmost respect for her. It cannot be easy to take two children as she did, but I think she is doing well with it.

As I close this post I am thankful to my dear Lord for placing Diane in my life. I also thank Him for taking care of her children and Rob by giving them Kristine.

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Cindy B. said...

I only knew Diane for a short moment in time but could see her sweet Holy
Spirit. I was blessed to have met her and her Christian legacy will live on in her children and friends. She would be a wonderful role model for

K'T said...

I knew Diane too at Southeastern College. I am glad that she impacted my life in her loving life and doing everything to the fullest.
I never met her children but I was at her wedding to Rob.
I am glad to hear that Rob is doing good and pressing on.