Nov 25, 2004

The Christian Conservative Puts It Well

Mike Gallaugher puts his views in words of wisdom:

I am a Republican so long as the GOP conforms to conservative principals. I am a Conservative only to the degree that conservativism conforms to Biblical principals. The most important goal in my life's work is to cultivate Godly character in myself and those around me, in order that I might be a light in a dark place.

This is close to my position, but put way better than I have ever put it. Only difference is that I am not a Republican. I was leaning toward the Constitution Party, but their recent presidential candidate only bashed President Bush, which changed my mind about the party despite agreeing with their platforms. I am considering being a Red-State-Republican. A Reagan Republican. No Alan Specters, no Arlold Schwarzeneggers, etc. I am praying about where to stand. However, like Mike, I place allegiance to "my Lord and my God" Jesus Christ.

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