Jan 18, 2005

A Mother's Post

It is almost 11pm as I am writing this. I am over-tired, but my husband asked me to write something in this weblog. I did not know what to write because I am a busy woman and barely have time to myself. I have two kids to take care of.

I did find something to share today. A few minutes ago I fed our four month old baby and I went to get a sweater for our 3-1/2 year old girl. Finally I sat down and I looked at them (both sleeping) and a great feeling came to my heart. Actually, I cannot explain what this means. But I will try.

My dream came true. My dream was to have a family that would love me and I would love too. I dreamed of holding my kids in my arms and to be called "mamãe." God has blessed me by giving me Pete and our daughters. I feel so happy when Virgínia says, "I love you momma." And Alcione Vastí finds peace and comfort in my arms- when she begins to cry when someone else is holding her and only I can calm her and put her at ease.

It is very hard to be a mother; the price is very high. But seeing my kids happy, smiles on their faces, brings me joy, happiness and more reason to praise Jesus- and to see how much He cares for me.

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