Feb 5, 2005

Muslim 'Apostates' Cast Out and at Risk from Faith and Family

A report from theTimes Online - Britain tells of the dangers in England for former Muslims when they abandon their false religion for Christianity or any other choice. It points out that several people who converted to Islam are able to go public without fear, but when a Muslim converts to Christianity, for instance, there is a horrible price to pay.

Read Jesus Freaks (both Volumes) and you will see that Islam is a large part of any persecution going on in the 20 or 21st Centuries. Islam and Communism. Christianity partook in some persecution, but that was against how the Bible teaches Christians to act, not something condoned by virtually all the "spiritual leaders" as is Islam. And yes, I said- "virtually all." Even the so-called "moderate" or "mainstream" Muslim leaders are slow to decry terrorism if they do at all.

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