Mar 3, 2005

Walking Circumspectly: "president" of his church

Kristen blogs about the BTK killer being the "president" of his church. Click here to read the post- Walking Circumspectly: "president" of his church. My mind wonders if his wife had any clue. Was he an angry man? Did he have a bad temper? Was he normally very arrogant like in his taunting letters?

As for Kristen's question on whether "president" of a church is Scriptural, I can only find the word "president" in the liberal-paraphrase-masquerading-as-a-translation The Message "Bible." And that would be
Now the street rabble turned on Sosthenes, the new meeting-place president, and beat him up in plain sight of the court. Gallio didn't raise a finger. He could not have cared less. (Acts 18.17- The Message- yeck!!)
(And a couple other places) Not really any kind of endorsement of a church "president." (Since when is a church a democracy anyway? Though most churches have votes)

May God bring out the truth and let righteousness reign in this situation.

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