Jul 4, 2005

NASA Pays to Promote Atheist Religion

I heard something about this on the radio. The NASA representative stated that one of the objectives of the missions to target shoot the comet was to discover how the earth was formed and if a comet could have provided the materials to form life here. Here is the same info off of the NASA website:

Asteroids represent the bits and pieces left over from the process that formed the inner planets, including Earth. Asteroids are also the sources of most meteorites that have struck the Earth's surface and many of these meteorites have already been subjected to detailed chemical and physical analyses. If certain asteroids can be identified as the sources for some of the well-studied meteorites, the detailed knowledge of the meteorite's composition and structure will provide important information on the chemical mixture, and conditions from which the Earth formed 4.6 billion years ago. During the early solar system, the carbon-based molecules and volatile materials that served as the building blocks of life may have been brought to the Earth via asteroid and comet impacts. Thus the study of asteroids is not only important for studying the primordial chemical mixture from which the Earth formed, these objects may hold the key as to how the building blocks of life were delivered to the early Earth.

So what this basically boils down to is that the United States government is funding the object of an atheistic faith. These scientists have no true proof of what they speak of as fact. They cannot "prove" that the earth is 4.6 billion years old. They have no proof that life evolved. They only have faith. Faith is what promotes religious belief. The denial of God is a religious fervor to them.

Any attack on the short-comings and holes in evolutionary myth is as an attack on their religion and their God. That is why schools cannot teach creationism, and further, why schools cannot teach that there are holes in the evolutionary myth.

For some good information see:

I am the president of Faith Missions. We have missionaries in Brazil, Bolivia, Honduras, Mexico, South Caicos (Caribbean), Florida (USA) and Kentucky (USA), as well as a forming partnership with a ministry in Argentina. One other ministry I am trying to work with is a Creation Science ministry. I believe it is fundamental to the Christian faith to Believe the Bible as is and not try to manufacture a "gap theory" to codify antagonists who seek to disprove the Truth and destroy the Christian faith.

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