Aug 10, 2005

My Comments Are in The Florida Baptist Witness

Here is the post, you can find it online too. It was in the print version, I would have missed it, but a pastor from Ft. Lauderdale left a message on my telephone about it saying basically that he appreciated it.

‘Romanist’ church

I was reading Don Walton’s article on Pope John Paul (April 28). As I read I wondered why so many Baptists refuse to confront the lies and dangerous teachings of the Catholic church. In previous times, the great evangelists termed the Catholic church “Romanist.” The “Romanist” church teaches a gospel of works, a second chance in “purgatory,” baptismal regeneration, Mary being virgin-born, papal infallibility and substitution for Christ (which fits the description of anti-Christ) and much more. We cannot consider the Roman church as a partner in the Gospel. It rejects the Gospel and incorporates paganism. It leads people to hell. It is more popular to stand against homosexuality and liberalism (as we should), but Romanism is just as bad and deadly.
Pete Garbacki
Spring Hill

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