Sep 18, 2005

My Romanist Catholic Friends

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18.24 KJV)

Often I post against Romanism. I have major issues with Rome's anti-Biblical/anti-Christ doctrines. However, I do have some very close friendships with "Roman Catholics." At least four of whom I am convinced are Christians in truth and not in name only. They are at odds with RC doctrines about Mary, Purgatory, Papal infallibility, Papal substitution for Christ, Transubstantiation, etc., but still identify themselves as "Roman Catholic."

They remind me of hard-core Southern Baptists in the South who are pro-life, against pornography, gambling, alcohol, homosexuality and prostitution but are die-hard DemocRATS or equally as bad- Masons. I even know very Conservative Baptist and Pentecostal pastors who are in the Masonic Lodge. They may be Christians, but they miss the issues with these organizations.

Similarly with my friends who are RC. I have had friends who were RC, but when we studied Scripture together, they left RC and joined Bible-believing churches. I still have a great love for several friends who are tied to Romanism. It is a balance to show why I disagree with the Romanist church and not alienate them at the same time. My love for my friends makes me try so hard to hold the balance.

For better detail on the problems with Romanism (the "Roman Catholic Church") see my friend Rand's Weblog (he is much more articulate than I am).

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