May 18, 2006

Randall Terry "Pro-Life" Evangelical Leader Converts to Romanism

According to the article in the NC Register, Randall Terry (in his own words) has converted to Romanist catholicism. This is why I am no longer involved in "pro-life" activities. They equate Romanism with Biblical Christianity, a union of Christ and the Romanist Belial.

Apparently Mr. Terry has to get his first marriage annulled before he can finish his conversion.

Some of the interview:

What was your greatest fear?
That I would wake up and say there was no change in me. That has not been the case. Being in the Church has brought a wonderful sense of belonging. I am part of 2,000 years of Christian history that is glorious, that has warts, and heroes and villains, but that is nonetheless the Church founded by Jesus upon Peter.

Some very poor Romanist theology there. He is a weak man who is becoming "catholic" because he was a nominal evangelical. I doubt he ever truly knew Jesus. He definately does not know the voice of the Holy Spirit:

Which theological hurdles were the most difficult for you to jump?
They boiled down to papal infallibility, Marian dogma, and purgatory. For years I have craved to be in the Catholic Church, but couldn’t figure a way to get around these hurdles. They became resolved this Lent.
On Ash Wednesday, I started a 40-day fast. I have been in conversation with a priest, Father John Mikalajunas, in Binghamton for over 20 years. To my amazement, during Lent, I sensed that it was the plan of the Holy Spirit to bring us into the Catholic Church. After some further conversations with Father Mikalajunas as well as with other evangelicals who had come into the Church, those theological issues evaporated. Once I realized the Truth, I had to go in. I couldn't wait.

I wonder if he will ever have the opportunity to kiss the pope's ring or to kiss the feet of some famous statue in Rome? What a goof.

"Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope - do you think he's a fool?" -Black SabbathAfter Forever (Well I do not condone the first part, but the second part has some merit)

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