Sep 25, 2006

2 Years of myall4One/myall4One tem 2 Anos

2 years ago I move to Blogger from mblog. "mblog" kind of disappeared abruptly and I had to search for another blog host. I would have even paid at that point. Fortunately, Blogger is free and superior to what mblog offered.

Over the past two years I lost my dear, beloved Sister, Diane. I have several posts linked on the sidebar. Also, I got into politics several times, but I really tried to dedicate myself to representing the Conservative Christian view (from my perspective) to issues of various natures.

Along the way I have met (although not yet personally) Rand, Dave Norris, Doug and le, Michael G. and many others (sorry I can't mention everyone, but a group are linked on the sidebar also).

Recently, I have began to post some in Portuguese for my dear Brazilian friends and family. That is slow, because I am nowhere near fluent. Hopefully I will be able to improve on this blog and make a true contribution to the Kingdom of God in the future.

Thank you for those who have read this blog and anyone who reads this in the future. I appreciate your time.

Meus amigos e familia Brasileira, meu weblog tem duas anos hoje. Eu quero escriver mais em Português, e com tempo eu vou. Duas anos antes eu maura meu weblog de "mblog" porque mblog não esta trabalhando mais. Blogger esta melhor.

Em duas anos eu escrive de minha querida irmã Diane, e muitas otras coisas. Eu espero escrive coisas que assista o reino de Deus. Por a gloria de Jesus. Amêm.

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