Dec 25, 2006

Losing an Old Friend Thanks to New Friends

Today I had to say good-bye to an old friend: my old Florida State University jacket. I have worn it since 1997 when I bought it on a colder day when I was team minister for the East Bay Buccaneers. I loved that old jacket, but this Christmas I was surprised at work when my friends gave me a present to open and demanded my ratty-old-friend. They tore up the old one when they gave me the new one.

The old one was special (like a friend), but this one is more special. The old one I bought for myself. This one was the gift from friends. I will treasure this one for years to come (Lord willing). I want to thank my wonderful friends (and co-workers): Sarah, Krista, Diana, Vicki and Herman. They are the best!

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