Apr 16, 2008

Mid-Week Service

I was called by my pastor to lead the Mid-Week service again. I did not have much prep-time. I decided to have a Bible Study Quiz. I had a decent 10 question quiz with Scripture references. As the service started, we sang "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms." It was cool. Hymn number 211 in the National Baptist Hymnal I think.

Then I called on one of the men in the church to pray. Good stuff there. Next we sang "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." Not sure of that hymn number. Then I took prayer requests. There were a large mix of Prayer Requests and Praise Reports.

Then we sang another hymn. 244 I think. "Just over in the Gloryland." All four verses. I wished there were eight. God just filled my soul with peace and joy. As we were nearing the end of the song I realized God was leading me elsewhere.

We turned to Acts 8.4-8. And I preached. I was excited and felt the passion for God's Word and the zeal to be obedient to His direction. I preached without notes or preparation. This is not a testimony of my abilities. I am not that able. It was God working through me. Unfortunately, this means there is no customary outline. Fortunately, it also means that I ministered in a way I know was by the leading of God.

I praise God for His guidance. I thank Him for His Word. I thank Him for my pastor, a man who trusts me enough to allow me to fill his place of ministry when he is absent.

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