Nov 4, 2008

Tuesday Morning Notes

Today I began the day dropping my children off at school before I went to vote.  I found myself in prayer for my country and for our local area.  However, my day became valuable when I joined my friend, and brother in Christ, Boyd to witness in Brooksville.  

My friend, Rand, in Canada preaches on the streets of his city on Friday nights and reports weekly.  My hope and plan is to go with Boyd weekly and provide a report here- taking a page out of Rand's book by calling the reports "Tuesday Morning Notes" as opposed to his "Friday Night Notes."  

Brooksville, Florida is a town of less than 10,000 in the Incorporated area; but realistically, it is much bigger when the whole area of what is considered Brooksville is taken into account.  

Boyd and I met at his church, Anchor Baptist Church, in Brooksville.  He is KJV-only and an Independent Baptist.  I am ESV-only (just kidding) and a Southern Baptist.  We disagree on a number of issues, but we agree on the Gospel and went out in that spirit.

We went up and down a street in Brooksville, knocking on each door.  When no one was at home- or if no one answered- we would simply leave a tract.  Today we managed to speak briefly with several people.  

The lows: my Spanish did not help when we met a lady who did not speak English.  I did not have enough Spanish to speak with her.  I tried to think of something to say, but I drew a blank for Spanish.  I did think of somethings in Portuguese, but that would not have helped much.  Fortunately, Boyd did have a tract in Spanish for her- may it provoke her to thinking on her state before God and to come to repentance.  The only thing she did say was she studied the Bible a little bit.  (That was when Boyd asked her, "Estudio Biblico?"- not good Spanish, but she understood enough to say, "Un pouco.")

Another low point was when we came up to a house just before a lady came to the same house to put up an Obama advertisement.  We gave her a tract and asked her if she knew whether or not she would go to heaven if she died and she said yes because "I'm Roman Catholic."  She wished us a nice day and scampered back to her little red car.  

Final low point: a gentleman took a tract and when asked if he knew if he would go to heaven when he died, he said "yes" and when we asked how he knew, "I just am."  With that he closed the door quickly.  

The highlights:  unfortunately, in a way, the highs are not about getting to witness to people, but finding some Christians at home.  One was from a Presbyterian Church in town and the other was a young man from FBC Brooksville.  I asked him about the new pastor (not remembering his name) and mentioned the first name of the previous pastor- he knew both names and seemed delighted to see us in his neighborhood making the effort to share the Gospel.

And that is it for now.  My hope is to join Boyd again next week.  This is something that I really want to do more often.  God is worth my measly effort.  I thank Him for the ability to walk and talk so that I can do this little thing.


Rand said...

Praise God!

Good for you, Pete! I look forward to reading about the evangelistic escapades of Brother Pete and Brother Boyd!

God bless you guys,


pregador27 said...

I look forward to the evangelistic outreach to the lost in Brooksville. I go representing Anchor Baptist Church in the name of Jesus, but that is not important. We go with the Gospel. That unites us beyond the KJV issue and whose local church will benefit.

pregador27 said...

PS- that comment above may have come out a bit wrong... Representing the name of Jesus is important. I am sure you know what I meant. :)>+