Jan 6, 2009

Tuesday Morning Notes 1.6.2009

Today Boyd and I not only went evangelizing door-to-door, but we also visited a family from his church that just lost the 80-year-old mother/grandmother/great-grandmother a few days ago and followed up on some of the new converts and prospective visitors.

We only had the opportunity to speak with three people today. One was a young girl, about 15 years old, who professed to be a question and was polite. She seemed embarrassed to talk much to a couple of strangers, so that conversation was quite short, but pleasant enough.

The second encounter was also with some Christian gentlemen from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Brooksville. It was a good conversation, edifying- we were much different in many ways, but the fellowship was encouraging and a blessing.

Finally we tried to follow-up with several new Christians and a lady who had promised to visit Anchor Baptist, but had not done so yet. The new Christians were not home, but the lady (Willie Pearl) was. She apologized for not coming to the church yet and said it was because she had a lot of company and was overly busy. Willie Pearl also asked us to continue to visit her and not forget to remind her to visit. She is a sweet lady. She also asked for prayer. We agreed to pray for her.

That was it. It was basically uneventful as far as sharing the Gospel with unbelievers goes, but we still went out and made ourselves available for the Lord's work. Oh to be a pleasing vessel in God's sight. That is all I want. I do not want to go out to "do my duty." I do not want to go out so I can boast about my works. I do not want to go out to lead people to Christ. (WHAT?!?!?) No, I want to go out to please God. Period. I would like people to get saved, but that is not my primary goal. Pleasing God is my primary goal. I hope He was honored by today's efforts.

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Rand said...

"I hope He was honored by today's efforts.

He was.

For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. (1 Corinthians 1:21)

Take care brother,