Mar 3, 2009

Tuesday Morning Notes 3.3.2009

It has been a while since Boyd and I were last able to go out to evangelize in Brooksville. Today it was cold again. Like I said several times today, we sure can use a bit of global warming around here!
picture of oranges
Anyway, Boyd and I met at his church as is our custom. When I arrived he greeted me with some fresh oranges from one of his trees. Evangelism in Florida (even when it is cold) has its benefits! I gave him two CDs to give away- they are MP3s of the New Testament in the King James Version for an iPod or a cheap knock-off of an iPod. (If it ain't Mac, it's bound to lack) We have about five more- they are to encourage people to listen to the Bible, especially if they have a long ride to work or can listen to an iPod at their job.

Enough of the digression. We headed out for South Brooksville- a lower income area populated mainly by black folks. Boyd said that some people who do evangelize avoid this area because they are intimidated. He feels that the people are mainly warm and friendly. I cannot say that I disagree.

We had several good conversations. We met three Christians in a row, which was nice, but we also spoke to a man who said he was a muslim. However, I doubt he was any kind of serious muslim judging from the strong smell of marijuana coming from his house. The next man (the only white man we spoke to today incidentally) we met came out to us and said he was going to heaven, but, again, the strong smell of marijuana was present from his house too. He was probably the least friendly person we spoke to.

As we continued on, we met a young man, John, who played football for Hernando High School in the mid-90's and for the University of Florida afterward. He is now working with an area school's track team. As we spoke to him he admitted that he was not a Christian and was bound for hell. He spoke with us for about twenty minutes and prayed to receive Christ. During the conversation, John received a phone call, but did not get to answer it. He stayed in the conversation with us. May God help him to grow and be a leader and Christian witness to those around him- the track team and his neighborhood.

We talked with a young lady who was fixing to go to work next. She knew she was not right with God and bound for hell, but she said she did not want to be saved at this time. I encouraged her to read the tract and call the number if she changed her mind or wanted more information.

Finally, we spoke with an older gentleman. He was from an older generation of Floridians. I recognized some of his mannerisms and ways of thinking as very historic Floridian. We spoke with him for a while, and while he said that he had been saved, I perceive that he is in error based on his misunderstanding of what it means to be saved and how we are saved. After about a twenty minute conversation, we parted with him (he was very friendly).

At that point it was time to go back home. Our work was fruitful- especially because John surrendered to Jesus, but also because we were able to share tracts and the Gospel with several others. May God use those seeds for the salvation of souls and the growth of His Kingdom.

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