Apr 22, 2009

Oh How the Mighty Are Falling

This cartoon is by Mike Ramirez found online. The link is to his NY Post page.

My co-blogger, Cindy Brown, wrote me and others an email regarding an effort to urge the firing of Janet Napolitano as Kommissar of the Dept. of Homeland Security. My short reply is found below. It demonstrates my thoughts concerning the future of the United States politically.

Napolitano is anti-Christ like BO. I believe the days of past glory are forever behind us. I do not see a Reagan coming in to rescue this nation after BO. The media has been over-run by socialists/communists as has the democRAT party and much of congress. I can see the potential for BO beginning with imprisoning former Bush officials and moving on to others who oppose him- like a third world dictator. Once that is accepted by the fat & lazy citizenry executions will follow. The potential is there for us to have something much worse than China's Tiananmen Square in 1989.

I say these things without joy. I am saddened about the future being set up for my children. If Obama is not as evil as I believe and just passes in four to eight years, there will still be a financial burden left by the selfish "baby boomer" generation on the rising generation. We who are "Generation X" will feel some effect, but the brunt is on our children. This is a disgrace.


James said...

I think you mentioned Chuck Baldwin before. He seems to be a more Ron Paul Libertarian type. What do you make of his assertions that George Bush grossly increased the power of the executive office (via the Patriot Act, torture, etc.) thereby increasing the likelihood of further abuse by future presidents?

pregador27 said...

James, Yes, I did mention Chuck Baldwin, as he was the candidate for the Constitution Party during the previous election. I withdrew my support when Alan Keyes was representing the America's Independent Party. I stood against the Constitution Party's stand against the War Against Terrorism. I also find it impossible to support Ron Paul- with his support of legalizing drugs- that is something I do not agree with at all. I see the effects of drug use every day at work.

As for GW Bush, he opened the door for our march toward socialism with some of his moves and his arrogance was annoying; however, the current president's arrogance and ignorance far exceed that of GW Bush. BO is running through the door toward socialism like Walter Payton through a hole in a sorry defense.