May 24, 2009

Emmanuel Ministries Notes 5/24/09

Today there were more people at Emmanuel Ministries. It was a good service and the heat was not overwhelming. I preached on Matthew 7.24-27 "A Foundation on Rock or Sand?" The message went well.

I was reflecting on the service afterward and realize that the work here will take some time. I preach evangelisticly, but the people have heard the Gospel multiple times before. I will need to continue to preach and, when appropriate, disciple those who prove to be Christians. It is difficult to tell at this point who are Christians and who are not. There are a few I know from before and I am confident that at least three are Christians. One I doubt is a Christian. I will pray for wisdom in working with the people there; in how and what I preach as well as in how I deal with them.

Next week I plan on bringing my guitar and leading worship in English and Spanish. I am not really a worship leader, but I will offer my best for the Lord. It will be about Him, not me anyway. I think the Hispanic crowd will appreciate my attempts at leading worship in Spanish. I told my wife that I will not lead worship unless it is in both languages. After realizing Márcia's heart last week, I share the caring for these folks.

May God be glorified in this work.

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