May 31, 2009

Emmanuel Ministries Notes 5/31/09

The notes will be short tonight. I am dead tired! The ministry went very well. I led worship in Spanish and English (including songs I wrote myself). The message went smoothly and was well received. I had several people talk to me after service about things related to what I preached.

Ministry-wise, the successful feeling of our work springs from the fact that I am getting to know the people better (and there were about 18 English speaking folks and about 10 Spanish speaking folks). One gentleman revealed a prayer request to me that he was not comfortable sharing with the group gathered, another spoke to me about his life and his wife's health; yet another one asked me to come by where he works and pray with him sometime. I am going to try to run up that way on Saturday before I head to Seminary so I can meet with him.

Realistically, I do not think this is a pastor position that I am filling; all that is expected of me is to come and preach. However, I feel more responsible to the people than just being a preacher. I really believe that God is working on me in this area.

Finally, I noticed that one of our regulars was not there. Her name is Alice. She reported last week that she had been bleeding from her nose and mouth. My hope is that she was out for other reasons. If she is not there next week, we are going to try to visit her. I am concerned about her. She is a sweet lady who works hard on the midnight shift. I am convinced that she is a true believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. Saints, please pray for her.

In closing, after the service my family met with our old pastor (from the church that ordained me in 2004) and had lunch with them. Their children had grown! Afterward, we went to his brother's house and played hockey. That was fun- and it is confirmed, I am way out of shape. We won 6-3 and I scored 2 goals.

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