Jun 29, 2009

Emmanuel Ministries Notes 6/28/09

It was a wonderful day to be in Dade City yesterday! We actually arrived around 9am to meet with family from Pensacola. It was a great time of fellowship and catching up. We were at the Ministry about 10:50 and most of the people were already there and ready to go.

My newly strung guitar was ready to go and we worshiped in Spanish by singing "Este es el Dia" and "Sing! Shout!" followed by "Dame/Give Me." The worship time was really good- especially with my limited abilities being used to lead the way. I did encourage the English-speaking people to try to sing along with the Spanish songs and gave a brief pronounciation lesson (some of my tiny knowledge of Spanish).

We were able to separate the languages again, so I was able to preach solely in English. However, before I did I encouraged the English speaking people to be accepting of those who spoke Spanish and told them about how there were people there in the past who were prejudice against the Hispanish part of the Ministry. I told the people that it was disgraceful to act that way and that they should not allow that to be a part of their thinking. This group seemed to be very open to what I had to say and did not seem to have a problem with the Spanish speaking part of the Ministry.

My message was on James 1.22. It was a simple outline:

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. -James 1.22 ESV

Live It (Romans 12.1-2): Live a transformed life; turn from sin to God, etc.

Show It (James 2.14-23): Demonstrate faith by doing what God says (Abraham); "Faith that shows nothing is nothing"

Talk It (Ephesians 4.29-32): Our communication should reflect Christ in our lives

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