Aug 2, 2009

Emmanuel Ministries Notes 8/02/09

Today we had a good service. I barely lasted through the worship time- my voice was struggling. However, it ended up to be a good time of worship in song ending mainly a Capella. The message was easy to preach, though the content could be seen as offensive to some. That was not my concern. I intend to preach God's Word no matter what society decides is appropriate.

The message notes are listed in an earlier post. God was giving me strength to get past any voice problems and giving me confidence to proclaim His Word. I thank Him for the opportunity. It is a major blessing.

It was difficult being away for two weeks; in another two weeks I will be unable to preach due to my grandmother's funeral. That will be difficult as well. It was good to see the folks at the ministry and to see Márcia again. We miss her and her family when we are away. They are great friends to us. I am happy to be working with her again.

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