Sep 15, 2009

Emmanuel Ministries Notes 9/13/09

This Sunday we had a good time of ministry. I preached on Luke 12.13-21 and if you listen to the message in the other post, you will hear rain start pouring down in the background somewhere around the seven-minute mark. You will also hear me totally freeze while trying to quote Hebrews 9.27.

The message also features a story I heard from a pastor in Alabama. It is a true story about how he sacrificed his inheritance in order to live according to God's Word. He tells it better, but the message is a good one. That is about five minutes into the message.

After the message we prayed over a number of prayer requests.

Actually, before the message and before we began with our worship time, a lady told us about her recent commitment to forsake alcohol and seek after God. That prompted another person, a man who has been attending for a few months now, to tell us that he had been off alcohol for four months now. We prayed for their strength to be found in Christ.

The rain came and went and somehow I ended up pretty wet- between sweating from the heat and the drenching downpours. It was all worth it. I thank God for allowing me to have this place to preach. I thank Him for entrusting me with His word- may I be more faithful to it!

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