Jan 3, 2010

Emmanuel Ministries Thoughts... (1/3/2010)

I think that I will occasionally share some of my thoughts concerning ministry here at Emmanuel in Dade City, FL. They will not be a regular feature, at least I do not think they will be. The "thoughts" posts will be reflections that may include subjects for prayer or just anything that crosses my mind.

Today I was thinking about how little one particular family has at this time. They are a husband and wife with a young child. They are literally one parking ticket away from total homelessness. They live in a converted bus. Their generator was stolen during the early Summer and they have had no A/C in the Summer and now no heat in the Winter. Their son was removed by the Department of Children and Families- apparently due to their inability to furnish heat in the winter. These people are struggling mightily. Right now I know they are in the bus under a couple of blankets hoping that they will find a way out of this situation. Jonah chapter two was a good place for them to be this morning. They said so as well. They profess to be Christians and I have no reason to doubt their word.

The husband has some severe health problems and the wife is not in shape to work at this time- although she may have been trying to find work, honestly I do not remember the situation fully. They are trying to work through the system to get a home, but it has been fruitless thus far. They have little money for gas and look for places to stay that will not be trouble (parking the bus can be problematic at times).

Whatever the reasons for their situation, it is serious and heartbreaking. My dear wife gave the wife a sweatshirt and they were given some money to help (although it was a very small amount, as the ministry does not give cash out and most of the people there have little means to be helpful with money). I wished we could do more. You cannot work at a place like Emmanuel Ministries without finding new levels of caring and compassion.

At this point all we have left to do is to pray for them. Please, if the Lord leads you pray for the people who live in the bus. God knows their names and situation. My heart is overwhelmed for them and some other people from the ministry. However, my thoughts post is about them alone because they are who the Lord placed on my heart to pray for today.

Thank you, Lord, for choosing my family to minister at Emmanuel Ministries.

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