Jun 1, 2011

The Rejected Rose

This is not from one of my finest moments, but as I think of things I have done or seen, etc., some memories stand out.  The following story is true.  It is not flattering.
I was dating this girl, Ann (not her real name), in New York (I lived there basically from 1983 until 1988- with 10 months of living in New Jersey somewhere in between).  
One day I went to this particular girl's house to pick her up and take a bus to the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream to hang out.  When I arrived, she came up to me with a single red rose.  I was surprised when she handed it to me. 
Being the thoughtful moron I was I said to Ann, "I'm not carrying that to the mall!"  
Yes, I refused to take it.  She was hurt.  I was embarrassed to be holding a rose from a girl.  I was a doofus! 
Needless to say, that relationship did not work out over time.  In a sense I regret that day, in another, I am happy the relationship did not work out (though I was devastated when we were finally through).  
Truth be told- I really did care a lot for her, despite my actions of that day.

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