Pastor Grilled By FBI Regarding Sermon on Abortion

According to a Crosswalk.com news article, Pastor Randy Steele was turned in for calling the battle against abortion- a Biblical pro-life message- a war. The complainant contacted the FBI to claim the pastor was calling for armed violence.

We are in a war- a spiritual war. Liberals find that subversive in itself, but our battle is not against flesh and blood. The simplest strategy is to get people saved. Those who are truly saved will not elect an abortion, and will have rarer occasions to need to seek one. Marriage and fidelity decrease the call for abortions almost 100%.

Would I have cooperated with the FBI? I don't know. It probably depends on their approach. If they went "Elian" on me, I would probably resist or refuse. If they stormed the church like they did the Indiana Baptist Temple, I would definitely refuse. But if they just inquired, I would cooperate without much issue I guess. More flies with honey than vinegar I think.

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