Feb 14, 2005

My Guitar Experiences (Thank You Diane)

Shortly after my sister Diane went to be with Jesus, I was speaking with her husband Rob about his ability to play the drums (he is extremely skilled, and plays for a professional production team). He then reminded me that I play guitar. When I pointed out that I am not very good, he said, "That is because you don't apply yourself. I didn't learn the drums overnight." It echoed something my sister (I miss her so much, even almost three months after I lost her) once told me. She was an accomplished musician in high school and also pointed out that it took practice and dedication. Something I have never put into my guitar playing.

Well, a couple months after talking to Rob, I have been taking guitar lessons. I am struggling really hard with reading music, but I am really putting a lot of effort to learn scales and practice rhythms. My timing has improved (always a big problem for me), and I am actually getting close to having the ability to crank out a solo.

I appreciate Diane's encouragement several years ago and Rob's encouragement a couple of months ago. When I learn to play the guitar well enough to earn it, I will buy a Jackson JS30 Rhoads Guitar, named after the phenomenal Randy Rhoads (who died in a plane crash in Leesburg, FL on March 19, 1982). He was my favorite guitarist ever, although I know he did not play for Jesus. I am told though, by a man who drove a bus for Ozzy at that time (not that trip, though), that Randy Rhoads may have been a Christian. I know it's a remote possibility, but I can hope to see him in heaven. I will seek out Diane first though!

As I attended my lesson today I began to click on a blues progression, and my thoughts turned to Diane and Rob and their encouragement. Diane was such an encouragement and still helps me to grow even though she is glorifying God in heaven now.

When I buy that Jackson, I will call it "Princess" in Diane's honor. She loved being called Princess. And it will be painted on the guitar in lavender, her favorite color.

Now I have something to strive for. Something to reach for. All that plus the primary goal of pleasing Jesus, my Hero and Sovereign King.

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