Sep 29, 2004

Candidate Has the Guts to Stand Against Islam

From WorldNetDaily:

Candidate names fundamentalist Islam as enemy
Muslim groups protest his contention terrorist acts not aberration

Posted: September 29, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Art Moore
© 2004

Muslim groups are protesting the comments of a Republican candidate for Congress who contends terrorist acts are not "aberrational behavior" by a few extremists but part of the expansionist aims of fundamentalist Islam.

GOP candidate Kurt Eckhardt

Kurt Eckhardt, who is challenging three-term Rep. Jan Schakowsky, told WorldNetDaily he won't retract statements to the Daily Herald newspaper of suburban Chicago.

"There's not a chance I will do that," he said in an interview with WND.

Finally, a politician who will not bow to political correctness. If you read the Qur'an you will find violence and murder condoned. If you look at islamic history you will find murderous behavior justified by mohammed and allah.

I hope Mr. Eckhardt does not go back on his word. He is right. Most of the world's terrorists are islamic. True Christians following the Bible do not use murder as a weapon. True muslims can use murder as a weapon based on the Qur'an and islamic history dating back to mohammed as described in my recent post.

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