Sep 29, 2004

If Islam is a religion of peace...

Why are terrorists almost 100% of the time muslim? The murderous cowards in Russia who took the children hostage have links to al qaida according to this WorldNetDaily article.

When is the last time we saw an organized group of Evangelical Christians take hostages, killing them one by one? I'd venture to say never.

Historically, Mohammed and his followers were ruthless and bloodthirsty. In the beginning, he preached peace, later he preached it was acceptable to fight, and finally, when his army was powerful he taught it was commanded by allah that they fight and kill non-Muslims that refused to convert.

In The Truth About Islam Don Walton tells of several incidents of Mohammed blessing ruthless, cowardly acts: "On his way home from a failed attempt at assassinating an enemy of Mohammed, a Muslim assassin murdered a one-eyed shepherd simply because he refused to embrace Islam. While the elderly shepherd slept, this faithful follower of Mohammed jabbed an arrow through his eye until it came out the back of his neck. When he reported the incident to Mohammed, he received the prophet's blessing." Another story involves an assassin, Umayr Awf, who murdered a sleeping mother while she was nursing her baby and was surrounded by her sleeping children and was commended by Mohammed for the actions.

Why don't we ever hear of these stories? I guarantee that Jesus never committed such atrocities. Carl F. H. Henry, a noted Theologian, wrote in his book Christian Personal Ethics that Jesus "was more than the great Teacher of ethics. He was it's great Liver." (p. 398) He follows with "The magnificent feature of Jesus Christ is that He not only proclaimed a superlative ethic, but He lived it to the full." (p. 399) Here is the great difference between Islam and Christianity. Mohammed lived a life of sin and called on his followers to follow suit. Jesus lived a sinless life, paid the penalty for the sins of those that would believe and called Christians to holiness. Christianity has some blemishes, but they come from a lack of adherance, not from following Christ.

Some facts about Mohammed: he married a six year old (his successor Abu Bakr's daughter Aisha), but did not find it proper to consummate the marriage until she was nine. He lusted after his adopted son's wife and suddenly had a command from allah that his adopted son was to divorce the woman and Mohammed was to marry her. He allowed for "temporary marriages" in "the Law of Desire" so that a marriage as short as "a quarter of an hour" will allow legal adultery. Some Shiites still practice this today.

With all this (and so much more) being a part of Islam's teaching and history, no wonder some of them will murder children and decapitate people (while wearing masks like cowards), or wear bomb vests to murder innocent people, or crash airplanes into buildings.

So does islam mean peace? The facts say no and so does the arabic.

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