Sep 28, 2004


I have been reading David Limbaugh's most recent book Persecution. I think it further prompts me to prepare to homeschool my three year old daughter. I think she's off to a good start, being fluent in English and Português.

The NEA and many schools use the First Amendment- which was written to secure and guarantee religious freedom and free speech- to deny students of religious freedom and to frequently teach values opposed to the values the parents teach.

Hillary Klinton said "It Takes a Village," but that is not true. It takes dedicated parents. No teacher or school or nation has the right to teach my children things that conflict with our faith.

Vouchers: Why should I, as a Christian, an American and a citizen, not be able to use a voucher to send my child to a Christian school? It is not the nation (or to put it Constitutionally- the Congress) sponsoring a "religion," but my personal choice as a TAXPAYER and a CITIZEN as well as a CHRISTian and a PARENT which school my child should attend. Is this not supposed to be a nation based on freedom and liberty?

Teachers: While I know there are many good teachers, I also know that the system favors bad teachers- ones that despise Christian values and espouse political correctness. If, for some reason, my children have to attend public school (God please forbid!!), I intend to be extremely involved. I intend to know what they are studying and what the school is teaching my daughter. If they criticize our faith or teach values (or the absence thereof) that conflict with our Christian/Biblical values, there will be issues. If, however, we have to allow our children into public schools and we get good teachers, I will make equal efforts to thank them publically.

Just some thoughts related to the educational system in the USA.

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