Apr 29, 2005

Absolutely Sure (I Think)

Pois eu sei que o meu Redentor vive, e que por fim se levantará sobre a terra. (Jó 19:25 AA)
For I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth. (Job 19.25 NKJV)
During the busy-ness of the past week, I have found myself needing to seek after God for so much more than usual. We have had some wonderful experiences with what He has put in our path, but there have been some difficulties also.

I believe in absolutes. I believe in heaven for those chosen in Christ and hell for those who reject Him. However, sometimes figuring out what the right thing to do is not as easy as I would like. I believe there is a right and wrong answer. But my mind only sees shades of gray. Some of the issues I have resolved through searching the Word of God prayerfully. Other issues are still gray to me.

I am not saying they lie in the gray areas of life. I am saying that I have not come to see what the cut and dry answers are. I may see this as "shades of gray," but it is only the weakness of my limited perspective.

Which brings me to the above Scripture. I know that God, my Redeemer, is in control and will work out the victory as He has promised. The things I struggle with are temporary and in many cases, mundane. He will never fail me, and He never has. Jesus is faithful. Jesus é fiel. This I know and this is what my faith rests upon.

God is good!