Dec 15, 2005

It's Later, Now More...

We are renting a big house for a year before we head toward Brasil. Next year at this time we will travel to Recife to see my daughter Ligia graduate and then we will move to Manaus permanently.

Unfortunately, we do not qualify to be Southern Baptist missionaries. We would not be able to choose where we would go if we went through the SBC. So, we will have to try to raise support some other way. I may work really hard on becoming fluent in Portuguese quickly and try to get a job in Manaus to support our family, but my hope is to work full-time on reaching remote areas for Christ.

The fight here about Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays seems trite when I think about those outside of Manaus who never hear the Gospel. CBN's tv signals do not reach where there is no electricity. That's probably a good thing anyway. They don't Benny Hinn and the prosperity "gospel" prostitutes spreading an irrelevant, materialistic pseudo-Christian message to the Brazilians in remote areas.

I will post photos when I am down there. I appreciate Josh's request. I would love to take a tour of the US and Canada before we leave. I would love to meet Josh, le and Doug, Rand, Michael and others with whom I have had the pleasure of reading and dialoguing.

I will pray to that end, but if not, I trust I will see many of my best blog friends at a great reunion later on. GOD is Good!

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