Dec 12, 2005

No Place To Be For CHRISTmas: Church?

I cannot fathom the mainly mega-church, emerging-church, seeker-sensitive church idea that church services should be cancelled on Christmas Sunday. What idiocy! What lunacy! If you are a pastor reading this, and this is also your idea of a good thing, I ask what are you thinking?! I seriously doubt you put this decision to prayer. If we really celebrate Christmas in honor of Jesus' birth, why would we not go to the place we meet to worship Him? Think of Christmas Sunday as His birthday party!

It seems that these MC/EC/SSC's will do whatever is politically-correct and have no fear of undermining or watering down the Gospel in their quest for NUMBER$. I will take a Sunday morning sermon over a Sunday morning (or Saturday night) seminar. And the Seventh Day Adventists do not need to respond to this, your cult is not the topic.

This Sunday I will be fellowshipping with my church family at Antioch Fellowship Baptist Church in Spring Hill, FL.

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