Feb 28, 2008

Believing in God's Grace

From Founders.org, a quote that I believe is very useful and worth considering for all those who hold to Reformed theology, or "Calvinism" (as I do).

"If those who claim to believe most strongly in God's grace do not act graciously then their conduct undermines their profession."
I am not saying that we should sugar-coat the truth, but we should be gracious in how we act. Especially when in fellowship with non-Calvinists.

Just a mere $.02.

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Anonymous said...

Calvinism, though Scriptural, is perhaps the least comprehensible to the human mind. God decrees all things (even evil), yet is not the author of sin. Though He has decreed all and He is just, we do not thank Him for the wickedness committed on earth like those who say "Thank God for 9/11".

These things are not really within comprehension, in my opinion, even to the saints. They are and will remain a mystery. It is thus understandable that these doctrines are avoided by many.

- James