Feb 19, 2008

"Bring Me a Real Chaplain..."

This is a great video. It puts the stupidity of emergent/gutless pseudo-Christianity in its place. Where would the unconverted man on death's door go for salvation?

Those false preachers such as Warren, Jakes, Hinn, Schuller, Graham, Roberts, Copeland, etc. do not offer real hope. Prosperity does not bring salvation to the lost. Psychobabble does not bring salvation. The need is what this man says,"Bring me a real chaplain, who believes in a real God and a real Hell." If it ain't real it ain't gonna save you.

(HT: Comings Communiqué)


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what show this is ... but for as often as Christians critique the "liberal media", it seems there are some shows that challenge us and reflect a knowledge of the truth.

- James

pregador27 said...

There was a time when a donkey spoke and saw the truth of a situation when the person who was supposed to be serving God was blind to it. There are some parallels. (Numbers 22.22-35)

It did not change the fact that she was a donkey, nor does it change the fact that the media is overwhelmingly liberal and often with an anti-Christian bias- but, even so, the media has insight in some instances.

And this show was ER.

Andrew said...

I've never had much luck with trackbacks on my blog (I use MT software, and possibly have some settings off kilter). Thanks for the link, though.

With regard to what the other commenter said, I believe that we need to jump at any chance the popular media provides us with to present a Christian worldview. Even the unregenerate are carriers of the image of God, and receptors of common grace. One Christian author (who's name I have forgotten) refers to this as "spoiling the Egyptians".

In the case of this video, it is easy--like when the Egyptians voluntarily threw out their jewels to the passing Israelites. In some cases, it requires a little more work.

I have been thinking for some time about the possibility of doing a one-hour radio broadcast here in Brazil. Today I asked myself "what if we had a segment called 'momento cultural' in which we played some secular song and then analyzed it in the light of scripture?" I think it would be an awesome way to use popular culture as a trampoline into the Word. I'm not sure many of my colleagues would agree.

What thinkest thou?

pregador27 said...

That would be a great idea, but pray it through. You may face a lot of opposition from those whoare in your camp at this time. But that does not mean you are wrong. Paul used a false god idol when he preached that the people worshiped the god they did not know in Acts.

Rev. said...

I also posted this video on my blog. It is simply greatness. James - the clip is from the show "E.R."