Jun 8, 2009

Emmanuel Ministries Notes 6/07/09

Sunday was a great day to serve the Lord. I had overcome my fever and sickness by the grace of God and was on time to the ministry to preach and lead worship.

As a group we have been reading a chapter a week and read Ephesians chapter three together in English and Spanish during the beginning of the service. From there we went into our worship time. We sang a song in English (Sing! Shout!- one I wrote with God's help) and then one in Spanish (Este es el Dia- This is the Day). After that I broke a string. So we began "Dame/Give Me" a cappella, obviously, in English and Spanish. It was the best worship we have had to this poit. Better participation by all, especially those who speak Spanish. To me it seems that the Spirit moves best when something goes wrong technically.

Finally I preached the first part of my serires "Three Perspectives on the Way to Jerusalem." I thought the message went very well. It seemed that people were attentive and afterward people addressed me while referencing some things I preached about. It was very exciting event of which I had a part.

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